Baqueano Zamora

Nowadays, the word “Baqueano” has its own and accurate meaning. To say to a country man that he is a baqueano is a compliment and at the same time a recognition to his knowledge especially linked to the land where he was brought up. A baqueano is a specialist of the land and its resources; a person who knows how to guide himself and others in an open field, who knows where to shelter and how to overcome difficulties. In short, he is the bearer of many customs learned in a hard way where only experience and nature are teachers.

We are a tourism company focused on providing our guests with a unique experience especially oriented to estate life and its customs; surrounded by the most amazing landscapes in the world and as a main protagonist: the Torres del Paine.

We have 3 hotels to visit Torres del Paine that are strategically located thanks to the years of experiences provided by the very fist pioneers and explorers of this region as either a resting point or a work point.

Moreover, a wide variety of activities to offer, such as horseback riding, excursions to the National park, activities related to the estate life, are the main attractions to enjoy at our company.
Come and live a different experience at Baqueano Zamora. Join us!